Disabled Child and Family

Symptoms of disability can be seen at the time of birth, after an illness or accident. Some disabilities are only visible as your child develops.

Instead of feeling devastated on getting to know about the disability, parents should keep their calm and apart from taking advice from professionals, should take care of the following points, which might help improving the quality of life of their child:

  1. Confidence: Disability can affect anyone’s confidence. It’s not easy to deal with the discrimination that comes from the society. People around us often place emphasis on looks, speed and how extraordinary one is! Because of these stereotypes, a disabled child might feel unnecessary pressure on himself to live up to the impossible standards of society. And when he is unable to do so, it might affect his confidence severely. It is parents’ responsibility here to make the child believe in his own capabilities and also making him realize that every person takes his/her own time to finish a task, and doing it a bit slow doesn’t make him any less!
  2. Independence: It is very obvious for parents to take extra care of their special child but it can make the child completely dependent on them. As parents we need to understand this harsh truth that we can’t always be with them. Sooner or later they need to learn to take care of themselves. So it’s better that we start cultivating this habit from the very beginning and instead of running to help every time we can lay back and observe how the child helps himself when nobody’s around.
  3. Emotionally and mentally strong: It is very important that the special child remain mentally strong and stable. For this it is necessary that all the family members behave with them like they would with any other kid. They should smile at him and play with him. They should give them attention and should make efforts to understand their feelings. It’s important to make the special child feel that he is among us and not the other way round.
  4.  Identify the skills: Every person is blessed with some or the other skills. It may be possible that a disabled child is unable to perform a certain task but he is very good at something other say painting! It is very important to find and encourage for that special talent of him. It will not only help you in productively engaging him but will also boosts his confidence.
  5.  Relationship with siblings: Last but not the least; it is very important that you do not neglect your other child while taking care of the special child since that will bring negative feelings in the child against the special baby which will in turn affect the growth of special child. Siblings learn a lot from each other and hence it is very important that they share a good relationship.

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