How to improve child's handwriting?

It is very important to have a legible handwriting especially during school times, since it can affect the result big time!  All the hard work of your child can go waste if he is not able to deliver the same during exams. So here are some tips that can help in improving the handwriting of your child:

  • Motor Skills: Poor motor skills can also be the reason behind the messy handwriting. Parents should work on their child’s motor skills by making them do activities that involve small muscles of the fingers, toes, wrists, lips, and tongue. This will develop the physical requirements of writing.
  • Involve fun: Practicing handwriting is a very dull task. Children may develop a frustration and can avoid doing it. So it’s always better to involve fun in practicing. Use fun stationary. Colored pencils, erasers etc attracts kids and they enjoy writing.
  • Identify the problem: There could be various reasons for a bad handwriting like letter formation, sizing, spaces between words, and line-alignment. Identify what is your child’s problem and then work on it.

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  • Appropriate tools: Tools such a good pencil, pen, eraser etc plays an important role in attaining a good handwriting. Let your child choose his stationary so that he is comfortable with them and enjoys using them.
  • Practice daily: Practice makes a man perfect. Make sure your child practice daily. Be it for small interval but regularity is very important for perfection!

Happy Writing!

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