The days in which one boy was the Sachin Tendulkar of the area have passed, and the generation has turned to large screens and remotes for gaming entertainment. And surprisingly parents are okay with their kid deriving pleasure from only electronically operated devices. They don’t regret not letting him feel the texture of freshly cut grass in the park, not letting him feel the beads of sweat on their forehead when playing cricket, not letting him feel the stage of complete satiation after running around, etc. no, they are completely alright with keeping their wards at home, on a couch, in front of the large screen or playing any indoor game. They think the outside world is too unhygienic and their child is bound to catch something. The chances of this have to be considered but not at the cost of the fresh breeze outside. Parents of the 21st century need to understand the dire need of outdoor play in a child’s curriculum while growing up.

Development of the Mind – When a child goes in the outside environment to play with his friends his mind too develops in turn. Spending time outside encourages a creative mind, imagination and open mindedness. A child who plays outdoor games will show greater results on the academic front too because outdoor playing increases blood flow and the flow of blood to the brain increases too, in turn improving a child’s mental abilities and also helps a child to be more spontaneous in general life.

Social Capabilities- Generally a child who spends more of his time wrapped up in his room with internet and laptop fails to associate with people and hence has some problem forming bonds with them. He may become socially awkward because such situations may be new for him. But if engaged in outdoor sports, one gets a chance to interact with his peers face to face which increases comfort in social situations.

Physical Effects – Obesity is not a problem which chooses its victim, it’s the victims who choose this problem. Hence if a child is not getting proper physical activity, he too will become lazy and obese which will be responsible for more problems in the future.

Miscellaneous Skills – Outdoor games are known to teach one discipline, which is very valuable in everyone’s life. It also teaches one tolerance when somebody from the opposite team wins. It gives a child confidence and also helps him to be more decisive in life as in individual. It develops in a child sportsmanship which basically makes the child a more positive human being overall.

Technology is the new age wheel of development and has been conceptualized to serve humanity. But with the rise of video games, kids are restricted in their own little home with not much exposure to the outside world. This doesn’t just limit them as individuals but as humans too. Due to the rising popularity of violent games, one can’t be too careful with his ward. And studies have shown that such video game players become stubborn and aggressive after continuous exposure. What is needed is understanding. Parents need to understand that they have to go old-school with their wards and take them to parks and let them enjoy to their heart’s content and find the comfort which nature provides so readily.

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