Tips for Baby Skin and Body Care

As new parents, we are often worried about our baby’s skin. Babies have gentle, fragile, and delicate skin. If baby’s skin is not taken care of in the initial days, there are high chances of developing rashes, allergies, and dry skin. Babies have sensitive and tender skin which require protection and extra care. New parents should be very vigilant about baby’s skin and use products that are free of chemicals and additives which may be harmful for baby’s skin.

Simple Tips for Baby Skin and Body Care
Babies have the best skin and proper care can ensure that your little one has the best skin all his/her life. Following are some simple tips for baby skin and body care:
1} Bath Basics
It is always advisable to bathe babies every day. Using mild soaps and shampoos free of chemicals and allergens is the safest for the baby. Always use lukewarm water to bathe baby. While drying the baby after bath, ensure that all windows are closed and fans or air conditioners are switched off. Wipe the baby using cotton towels as they are mild on the skin.
2} Prevent diaper rash
Diapers and nappies help keep the baby fresh and clean. However, certain diapers can cause skin irritations and rashes. It is advisable to change the diaper as soon as your baby has pooped or peed in it. Use gentle wet wipes to clean the nappy area. Before every change of a new diaper, apply a diaper rash cream to ensure that the nappy area is soft and free from rashes. The cleaner and drier the baby’s bottom, the less chances of occurrence of diaper rash.
3} Wash and wear
Babies have very delicate and sensitive skin. It is recommended to wash all new clothes, towels, and napkins before using them on the baby. Use special baby detergents that are gentle on the cloth and baby skin.
4} Protection from sun
Babies have very fragile skin and are extremely sensitive to sunlight. Using sunscreen on babies below 1 year is not safe as sunscreens have a high dosage of chemicals which can cause adverse reaction on baby’s skin.
5} Take care of infant acne
Just like adults, babies are also prone to acne. It is commonly referred to as “Infant acne”. Infant acne does not require any medical treatment or special care. Just keep the baby’s skin dry and clean. Do not squeeze the pimples as it cause scarring. Acne generally resolve on its own without any care and disappear after a few weeks. If the problem persists for more than 3 months, contact the paediatrician immediately.
Skin is the most essential part of baby’s development. Your new-born may seem too delicate to handle at first, however it won’t be too long before you understand your little one’s skin and become an expert in taking care. Enjoy the beauty of parenthood with your little one.

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