Peer pressure and parents? Now, this is confusing. But yes, that happens. More often than you’d think. When our children go through peer pressure, we too are sucked into that tornado.

“Mom there is no such thing as curfews now”

“Dad Nobody likes to spend the weekend at home”

“Everyone wears this kind of clothes a, why are you being so old-fashioned?”

Such arguments are really common. , your children are now teenagers and they won’t follow all the rules that you make. They will rather accuse you that, that’s not how the other parents are; my friend’s parents are really cool, they might say. And suddenly, you will start doubting your decisions as to what you are doing may not be the best way out. You may think your decisions aren’t all that well thought out, your children are in a different world now, your thinking isn’t ‘cool’ enough, and that you do not understand your child as much as you should.

These doubts will start clawing you. You would like to be there for your daughter/son, you would want to be lenient, you’d want to let go. On the other hand, your child is like a ninja turtle, he won’t let go till you don’t agree with him, he will try to see through your armor, and the day he sees the minutest doubt, and he will exploit it to his advantage. He will manipulate you to get what he wants. And you may want to give in just for that smile and hug that he gives you once in a blue moon. You’d want to do it because he will try to make you believe that this is the best thing ever for him.

Don’t worry dear parent. This happens to all of us, every single one of us. If you don’t surrender yourself to peer pressure your kids will become more petulant but at least they will be safe. Make your own rules, and make sure they follow it till they are under your roof, happily or begrudgingly. Make the rules that you think are most important. However, also try to understand what is happening in your child’s life. Talk to your child,  talk to other parents to know what really is going on, and are you being more strict than lenient or otherwise. Know what is going around and try to strike a balance. Just try and balance everything out!

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