Parenting is a challenge and turns out to be a bigger one when it is about a single parent of two kids. In today’s era, parenting is all the more difficult because everyone is working individually and managing professional and personal life becomes hectic sometimes, but when you come back home to your children all your worries seem to fly away. Parenting is a tough task and parenting a teenager even tougher. Teenage is like a roller coaster ride, where the teens face a lot of emotional highs and lows and so it is required to deal teenagers differently.

I am a single working mother to two daughters, Tanya and Sonya, both adopted. Ever since I have adopted them I have cherished each moment of being a mother. My world completely took a u-turn, when I adopted my eldest daughter Tanya or my Tanny. Being a mother I shouldn’t be biased but Tanny is a bit more special to me as she made me mother first time and all my first experiences with her were amazing.

Now, Tanny is about to enter her teens and has already started behaving like one. Tanny is very sensitive and emotional and so I feared for her more, and then one day my fear aggravated when she tried on some new clothes. I gave her negative compliments to which she cried bitterly. I didn’t understand what happened to her, she hadn’t behaved like this in the past. I went up to her and asked her the reason for such a reaction, all she said was “mamma I don’t look pretty, so nobody will look at me”. I was taken aback hearing this because she was never conscious about her looks, she was happy and jolly kind of girl. But now, she gets emotionally hurt quite easily, concentrates a lot on her looks, feels that studies are useless and wants to hang out more with her friends. I realized that all these changes and mood swings were the result of her teenage and nothing to worry about, but I was proved wrong when one day she asked me about her biological parents.

I was shocked like hell, my world came to a standstill and her words rang in my ears for long. I couldn’t just believe my ears and I just couldn’t imagine how my little girl even asked this type of a question. I couldn’t believe what she asked. I couldn’t let go off her question and couldn’t answer the same. After gathering plenty of courage I finally managed to ask her whom she calls ‘Mamma’, she said you, I said then how could anybody else be your mother. I then hugged her and told her that no need to hear your peers; “you are a good looking and charming girl and your mummy loves you a lot”.

This particular incident made me realize that my little angle is growing big and is changing in a lot many ways so I have to deal with her accordingly. I realized how drastically teenage has changed her and how I have to find ways to comfort her.

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