Today, life is moving at a pace faster than ever before and to match up with the fast moving world everyone has to pull their socks up. Making a place in the professional world takes a great amount of hard work in personal life. In order to win the rat race, we tend to ignore the ones who are most precious and valuable for us,  our children, practically, for whom we earning.

Women are more emotional than men and hence, it becomes very difficult for them to manage both office and kids well, along with other household responsibilities.

Being a woman myself, I sometimes felt quite frustrated for not being there with my kids. At times I felt completely torn from inside. I used to ask myself whether earning money is of any worth if I am not able to spend time with the kids, whom I love the most. All these questions made me wonder more and more, and finally, I decided to find a way out to not only spend some quality time with my kids but to fulfill my responsibilities of making them fit and fine physically, helping them build good character, and making them feel loved.

Here are few things that you can do to spend some “Quality time” with your kids:

  1. Don’t bring office home-

I noticed that the root cause of my problem was that, though I was physically present with my kids, I was not mentally. Even though after coming home I was more into the thoughts of my office work than with my kids. I decided to keep my smartphone and computer away from entering the home because others can wait,  but not my children. It’s their time with their momma, their “quality time”.

  1. Playing outdoor games-

With the kind of luxury me and my husband were providing our kids, they completely forgot to exercise and play outdoor games. Earlier, we spent every weekend at the mall, kids enjoyed in the gaming zone, while we shopped grocery.

But now all four of us play badminton, go for skating, cycling etc. With these outdoor activities,      the weekend is fun.

  1. Watching cartoons-

The best way to become a friend to your kids is by watching their favorite cartoons with them. As a kid myself, cartoons were the ones I enjoyed the most, and so do my kids today. Whenever I see my kids watching cartoons I just sit beside them and watch them enjoying the show. We laugh together, give each other high-fives and share a bond of friendship.

4.  ‘We’ time in the car

Due to scarce time that I get with my kids, I made it a point to drop them to school daily and during this time, three of us do all kind of madness. And sometimes, we also discuss school projects and upcoming school functions etc.

While time spent with my children acts as a stress buster for me, it helps all of us to stay as a close-knit family. Finally, I have succeeded in maintaining equilibrium in both professional and personal life.


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