School Time Table

It is very important for parents to set a viable timetable for the toddler. The amount of discipline they learn from these simple day to day activities is amazing and it helps them to avoid laziness altogether, keeps them active, makes them learn and inculcate good habits in their lives right from the childhood. We can always spice things up for them because schedules are boring. There is always the need and space for innovation. So from the first to the last activity, all can be made into something more fun and interesting for your tiny toddler. For example, when your toddler has to brush his teeth you can always play with him, make him look at his own mirror image, with you in it and talk to him via the mirror. This will keep your toddler engaged. It sounds not-so-interesting but it is for your toddler. The paste can be of his favorite cartoon, that will make him want to brush all day long.

Some toddlers don’t like bathing in general, no worries, time for more toys. Get more squeak toys, make him play in the shower, have fun with your toddler, maybe he and his sibling can at times bathe together, just to keep things interesting and different. Toys distract kids from the task at hand which is good for parents because they make their lives very easy.

Make as many variations as possible in the life of your toddler because the younger they are the better they adjust. As many variations as you introduce in this age, the more they will become adjustable to their environment. All sorts of environments, they will be adaptable. Adaptability is what kids need nowadays for this fast paced world.

Include in his schedule his favorite activity too. And especially games that help his mental growth. Building blocks ring set, all of them, keep them in his playroom and leave him with them or stay with him if he isn’t engaged enough, encourage him to keep playing, such games develop a child’s mind, both right and left sides.

Specially introduce physical activity in his schedule. Walk with the dog, going to the park every day, playing ball, anything and everything, keep him athletic from the start so that he is healthy always and this also ensures his healthy involvement in external environment and decreases anti-social tendencies.

Hence creating a schedule for a toddler may seem a little harsh at first but the earlier it is the better.

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