Reasons why your Baby requires a Car Seat

Babies are at higher risk of accidents and injury during car crashes. This is mainly because their heads are bigger than the bodies and spines are developing. Normal adult seat belts are not safe for your little one as it is not safe enough and secure. In order to ensure that you baby is safe during a journey, it is essential that you use a car seat up to 2 years of age.

Reasons why your baby requires a car seat
A car seat is one of the most important gadgets of child safety equipment. Using a car seat is the best method to ensure your little one’ safety. Following are reasons why your baby requires a car seat
1} Reduces stress and Injury
Car seats have secure harnesses that support the head, back and spinal cord. The harness stops the forward plunge and movement during an accident. This reduces the stress and injury to the head, neck, and spinal cord.
2} Ease of use
You cannot slide the seat of your car to recline as per the baby’s requirements. Hence your baby will not be comfortable during a journey. However, a baby car seat has a harness that is easy to adjust, recline, and put on.
3} Long term use
Car seats can be used to provide safety to your child up to 2 years of age. Convertible car seats are now available that can be used based on the age, weight, and height specifications. Convertible options for infants make the seat a bed to transport your baby whereas front-facing seats are designed for toddlers up to 2 years.
4} Reduce distractions while driving
Babies tend to move a lot and engage in play during a journey. Taking them along with you in the adult seat can be dangerous and distracting while driving. A car seat will fasten your child securely at one place. This allows your baby to engage in safe play and also allows you to drive safely.
5} Protection from sunlight
While driving your little one can get irritated due to the jarring sunlight outside, as their eyes are sensitive to bright light. A car seat comes with a sun shade protector that protects your baby from the sun.
6} Easily convertible and booster facility
Car seats for babies come in varied sizes and are easily convertible to meet your baby’s requirements. If you little one outgrows the car seat, you can use the booster seat that comes along when you purchase the car seat
7} Offers variety
Unlike adult seats, baby car seats are designed to cater to the age, height, and weight. They also comes in different designs with different reclining options to ensure complete comfort for your little one.
8} Car seats are also strollers
While traveling you don’t feel like bring all your baby’s gears and gadgets. Car seats also serve as a perfect replacement for your carrier and stroller. There are several such options of car seats that are available in the market.

Taking the baby out on a journey can be challenge. Chances of your little one getting hurt can be more if you do not have a baby car seat. The above mentioned advantages of car seat will ensure that your baby is secure and safe.

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