How to Increase a Child’s Confidence

Parents are the first role model of a child’s life, on whom the child actually counts upon to guard him. Parents have a very significant role in a child’s life. From birth onwards, a parent’s behavior affects their ward.

The factors that affect a child’s confidence are many, but the first one if parents, and improving confidence is not just something that one does, it’s a demanding process which goes on for years and requires a lot of commitment on the side of parents. Parents want their ward to be happy and their ward will indeed have a happy disposition if they have confidence in themselves.

These are a few pointers which may help you in installing confidence in your child:

  • Understand her point of view – Parents at times forget to put themselves in their ward’s shoes and are just too caught up in what’s right and what’s wrong. Though this isn’t wrong but it is a little putting off for the child and she won’t really feel like confiding the next time because she will feel that her parents don’t understand her at all. So even though its hard but a parent has to try to open up to new ideas and situations and be there as and when their child requires them, because a child is dependent on her parents and she needs to feel loved and cared for. When her this need is fulfilled she will have more confidence in her parents and will face the world fearlessly.
  • Improve your own self-esteem – This is one of the most important pointers a parent has to include in his or her life. A child is like a blank slate and looks to her parents for any and every kind of exposure, hence if a parent isn’t confident and caring, the child may develop the same practices. For a parent, raising a child almost becomes like rediscovering their own self and hence gives them the rare opportunity to improve their self-esteem and kill two birds with one stone. If a child will see a happy and confident figure, it will have a positive influence on her life.
  • Positive Image – As mentioned earlier, a child is impressionable being overall. It is the parents who are responsible for creating a positive image of the child in her mind. Appreciation works wonders with children. If a parent appreciates a child on doing something good, they are forcing the child to do the same positive act again in order to gain the same expression of achievement. Do not tell a child that she is worthless and not productive at all, the corrosive effects of this may damage the child. Create a positive image of yourself too so that you seem approachable. And hence when you aren’t in the mood or low on patience your child will understand.
  • Time – Spend as much time as you can with your ward because you may think you are wasting your time but that’s when your child will feel like he can actually believe that you are there for him. Play games with her as stupid as they may be. This actually has dual benefits, a child gets to play with the parent and have fun, a parent too gets satisfaction in spending time with her child and more importantly she can treat it as a therapy and escape from the stressors of her life.
  • Make her feel special – Make your child feel like she is the only girl in the world. Your princess. Treat her, let her know how special she is to you, etc. try to recognize her talents and motivate her in the direction of developing them so that she keeps busy and due to her extra talent she will be happy. Ex. Maybe you notice your daughter swaying to the music, make her join a dance class and if she enjoys it let her continue.
  • Emotions – Be open with your child. Discuss emotions. Let her know she can come to you whenever she feels whatever, you will be here waiting to listen to her. A child who grows up with emotional frustration is low on self-confidence.

Cheat code – Address him by name and he will feel special. Rather than ‘boy’ call him ‘Christian’ or whatever his name is.

These are a few tips on how to increase your child’s self-confidence. Happy Parenting!

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