Owing to loads of homework, kids have stopped being kids; they are more of a machine, working all day long mechanically. They are bogged down with the burden of heavy homework that takes a lot of their time and they are finally left with no time for other activities. Educators give homework thinking that it may help students with their studies, as it is an extension and revision of what is taught in the class. But what teachers forget is that too much overloading can have negative effects on children. In order to submit homework on time, children undergo stress that further affects their health and hamper their growth.

Children should be free from all kinds of worries and should have more of fun, but to compete in today’s digital age, children are jammed with a lot of homework that takes a toll on their health and overall well- being, also affecting child’s relationships with friends and family.

Too much of homework for children can cause-

  1. Stress – In order to score high, kids these days completely indulge themselves in their homework that turns out to be stressful for them. Stress for anybody is difficult to handle and for kids, it’s more dangerous, as they fail to meet their developmental needs due to lack of sleep and physical activity, fatigue, unhealthy eating habits etc.
  2. Negligible social interaction– In today’s world, one has to have good communication skills and the seed for these skills are sowed in childhood, but nowadays children are so immersed in homework that they hardly get time to come out of their shell and interact with people, due to which overall development of the child suffers. Social interaction is very much necessary for children to learn impulse control, conflict management, and other skills.
  1. Hamper’s active learning– Most of the homework for children is simply busywork, which doesn’t help them sharpen their problem-solving skills. In order to get good grades children invest their time in mugging up everything and so, they lose their interest in exploring new things and learning something different and practical.

Parent’s role—

Parents should have a role in the planning of their child’s homework so that the child completes it on time and gets enough time for extra-curricular activities as well.  It is actually necessary, that parents help their child in time management.

Apart from being a homework helper, parents should also talk to the teachers about the anxiety and stress issues of their child regarding the homework.

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