Gone are the days when our world was limited to a set of friends, town, and city. Today when everything has gone digital,  there is a dire need to interact with everyone and have good communication skills.  And that certainly, demands one to be socially active, be an all rounder and not merely a geek.

I am a married man and I live with my wife and my daughter (Darcy) in Floria. Talking about my childhood, it wasn’t a very interesting one, as it was wholeheartedly devoted to only one thing and that is TV. Yes! I was addicted to watching television and could leave anything for it. This habit of mine took a toll on various other things in my life as I failed to learn anything beyond television shows, cartoons, and movies. I had to strive really hard to make my place in this competitive world. Since I had to suffer in the starting stages of my career due to this hobby of mine; I decided to keep my children from falling prey to this addiction.

My daughter, Darcy also enjoys watching tv and  I’m worried for her most of the times as now her situation is even more crucial than mine was. Today’s world is being ruled by people who are, like a jack of all trades and master of none, all-rounder.

I didn’t want Darcy, who is in 4th standard, to overall stop watching TV, but I wanted to cut short her TV time, and for that, it was really necessary to engage her in other activities. So, here is what I did to drag her attention towards other interesting activities.

Outdoor Sports – Most of my friends knew swimming, skating etc but all I knew was watching Tv, so I didn’t want the same for my baby doll and hence, got her enrolled for one outdoor sport or the other during her summer vacations. And now I can proudly say that she has won laurels in swimming and badminton at various inter-school competitions.

Reading books – Reading is very essential, as it helps in shaping personality.  Facilitating children to develop a reading habit at an early age will help them become intellectual and a better thinker. Darcy is an avid reader now, she loves nancy drew and hardy boys books and also reads children’s digest.

Weekend outings – On every weekend we have our father-daughter time, we go out for a  day trip or a picnic. Darcy always gets excited when weekend approaches. She is the one who wakes me up on weekends and gets everything ready for the outing.

Art– While outdoor sports keep children fit and fine, art keeps their mind at peace. I wanted her to explore her varied interest, so I made her join the painting and dance classes as well. Although Darcy enjoys sports more than art, sometimes when she can’t go out to play, she stays back at home and enjoys dancing and painting.

Toys – Darcy and I give each other neck to neck competition in magnetic darts and faux bow. We have played it so much that most of the times we nearly hit the target. But my darling angel is still a little behind in Monopoly game.

Now, I am quite relieved as my daughter is doing exceptionally well in extra-curricular activities and doesn’t even remain glued to the television.

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