Isn’t it so obvious that kids can’t memorize everything at once? The small facts that seem so easy to us parents are indeed really hard for toddlers. I’m sure every mother has gone through the phase of ‘hours of teaching’ to their toddlers; it’s just so hard to hold on patience; Quite a task!

However, developing of brain happens at its own pace and there is nothing anyone can do to make it develop faster, but we can use some tricks to enhance the concentration of our children. There is a lot we can do to keep them from getting distracted.

Children often get diverted easily, they find it hard to concentrate on one thing, and it’s tough for kids to memorize things.  And certainly, every mom has come across those sleepless nights where she can’t help but think about how she will make her child learn all those not-so-easy-lessons.

But wait! Yayyy! Kids Health Tips (KHT) have some really interesting tips for you-

Make it Simple

Always remember the rule number #1, make things simple. Your kid will never understand even a word if you throw all the things at him in one go. Take it easy, work yourself and divide the lessons into 4-5 short groups for him to understand. Pick one group at a time and revise before you move to next group.

Let’s say he has to learn 20 questions, make four groups of 5 questions each. Make him learn 5 questions at a time and don’t forget to revise before moving to next group.

Try Mnemonics

Yes, Mnemonics helps in memorizing or remembering specific facts. I’m sure everyone remembers ‘the cheat code’ that their teachers gave them to remember a specific thing. One such thing is remembering the wind directions with the help of ‘Never Eat Soggy Wafers’- ‘north, east, south and west’

That is kind of impressive and interesting way of learning details, not only for toddlers but for adults too. So, next time when you sit with him to study don’t forget to search beforehand about your ‘cheat code’.

Play the Game

It’s a good way to increase concentration because children enjoy playing games and they will put their full concentration in something that interests them.

What sort of games can you play that makes studying interesting?

Something like, ask him to mark a particular word (Let’s say ‘the’) on one page of his book and later count how many ‘the’ did he marked in 30 seconds. This will force him to focus on that page of the book and further increase his attentiveness.

If put it all together, make studying and learning interesting for your child. His brain will still grow at its own velocity but you can still help in increasing his concentration level.

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