Kids Health – A Very Effective Cold Remedy

When your kids catch a cold it can be tricky finding an effective natural remedy that works well.

Over the years I have found this simple remedy to be very effective:

Get one onion, and peel off the skin.

Now slice the onion into thin slices.

Put the slices in a small container.

Next, grab a container of honey (organic if possible) and using a dessert spoon scoop out two spoonfuls of honey and spread the honey over the onion slices.

Cover the container and leave it for a couple of hours or longer. (Do not put in the fridge).

After at least a couple of hours you will see that a lot of the honey will have melted with a syrup now sitting in the bottom of the container. (Once the honey has all melted, you can then refrigerate).

This syrup contains juices from the onion, sweetened by the honey.

Using a teaspoon, tip up the container to fill the teaspoon with this syrup, and give this to your child to swallow.

Give your child a teaspoon of this sweet onion syrup every two or three hours, and you should find over the next day or two a noticeable improvement in your child’s health.

Our eldest daughter is now 21 years old and as she said to us just the other day, she can count on her hands the number of times she has had to go to the doctors, and has hardly ever had to take antibiotics. The same is true of our two other children. So, just because this appears to be a very simple remedy do not discount how very effective it is.

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