Separation and kids

Family breakups are never easy for anyone, but they affect kids the most! The two most important people of their life whom they look up to don’t want to see each other’s faces! Divorce leaves the child struggling emotionally.

If parents take care of the following points, it can be easier for the child to cope up with separation without affecting his personality:

  • Both the parents should be approachable: After separation generally one parent has to leave the house. In this case the kids who have the option of visiting the other parent more frequently can fight the challenges of separation more easily. This helps in making the child more expressive and emotionally strong.
  • Involvement in child’s life: Children who have their parent’s involvement in their lives are like to succeed more than the ones whose parents don’t. The involvement of both the parents should be equal. It should not be the case that only one parent is taking all the responsibilities of the child while the other gets weekend for fun. All the important chores of a child’s life should be equally distributed between both the parents.
  • Keep your child away from fights: Parents should keep their Children away from the fights of separation. Nothing is scarier for a child than to see his parents fighting. It affects the child psychologically his confidence and decision making abilities are hindered. Parents should never fight in front of their child even after separation instead they should behave maturely and treat each other with respect.
  • Stability in child’s life: Stability is very essential for a child to prosper but separation often brings many changes in the child’s life. Such changes should be communicated to them way before and also they should be made prepared to face those changes. The time and age of the child should be kept in mind while making him aware of the changes. When the child is aware of what is coming he feels mentally prepared and secure. The sense of stability effect the personality of the child in a positive way.
  • Same standard of living: Researches have shown that children perform favorably when both the parents have almost same standards of living, be it in terms of amenities like food and other resources or luxuries. In opposite situations child tend to compare between the parents which develop a feeling of resent both in parents and child which is not good for child’s growth.

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