How to Take Care of New Born?

New born baby care

You have lived through 9 months of pregnancy and made it through all the excitement and anxiety during labour and delivery. Now you have your little one in your arms and all set to return home. Beginning your life with your new born is a new and challenging phase. A new born baby is small, delicate and fragile. Caring for your little one in the right way is important.

Tips to Take Care of New Born
If you are first time parents, you are bound to feel nervous and scared. But caring for your little one can be the most satisfying feeling in this world. Following are some tips on looking after your new born in the initial months.

  • Get help after birth
    The first few days after birth can be overwhelming. Consider getting help at this time. Talk to nurses and doctors at the hospital to give you basics of breastfeeding, bottle feeding, bathing and cleaning. Back home, ask you family to move in with you or hire a baby nurse to help take care of your new born.
  • Sanitize your hands before handling baby
    New born babies do not have a strong immune system and are susceptible to infection. Always make sure that you and everyone else who handles the baby clean their hands before picking up the baby.
  • Support baby’s head and neck
    Your baby’s head and neck are not strong in the initial few months. Ensure you provide adequate support to the head and neck while carrying your baby.
  • Do not shake baby in play or frustration
    Shaking in a vigorous way can cause internal bleeding and immediate death. Avoid shaking your baby in any form or play or anger. If you need to wake up your little one from sleep, gently tickle the baby at the feet or blow at the cheeks.
  • Avoid Rough Play
    Your new born is still too small to be engaged in any form of rough play. Wait a few months until you can play with your little one
  • Swaddle your baby
    Swaddling the baby is a soothing technique for your new born. Swaddling keeps the baby warm and gives a sense of security and comfort. It also helps limit the “Startle Reflex” that can wake up the baby.
  • Take care of diaper rash
    Diaper rash is a common phenomenon in the first few weeks of your baby’s life. Most rashes occur either due to sensitive skin or too wet diapers. To avoid diaper rash, use a nappy rash cream and change the diapers frequently after every 3-4 hours.
  • Burp the baby
    If you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding your baby, make sure you burp your baby after every feed to avoid gastroesophageal reflex.

Even though you may feel nervous initially about handling a new born, as the weeks pass by you will develop a routine and gain fresh confidence as a parent. Follow these simple tips and enjoy parenting with your little one.


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