Reading habits in kids

Apart from providing information and knowledge reading has many health and therapeutic benefits. It is a very common phrase that books are man’s best friends then why not introduce this friend to your child in their early life?!

Here are some tips to develop reading habits in kids:

  • Start Early: The grasping power of kids is very good, so it’s better to start. Reason for starting early is that kids are more flexible in their initial years, they adapt to habits more easily. And once habit is developed it stays for years.
  • Use Illustrated Books: For starters, use books full of pictures, designs, colors and graphics since kids tend to get attracted to pictures more rather than dull text. You should not start with such heavy texts they can’t handle. You should also ask questions related to illustrations so that they feel engaged and occupied.
  • Read in front of them: Children learn from what they see! If they find you enjoying reading it’s more likely that they will definitely consider it giving a shot.
  • Have a dedicated time and place for reading: It is very important to have a dedicated place and time for reading since it avoids distraction and increases your focus. And moreover it helps in developing a habit!
  • Discuss the book: Spend some time discussing the book with your child, this will keep you informed what interests your child the most. For instance if your child likes fairy tales more don’t force him to read thriller books. Doing this will make the child look forward to the next book.
  • Choose books over toys: You should buy them more books instead of toys. Children are fidgety in nature they tend to touch things that are around them. If more books will be around them, chances of their reading them will increase!
  • Take them to library: Take your kids to library. Many libraries have story telling sessions which can engage your child. And seeing other kids reading will make them curious and enthusiastic about reading!

So these were some tips, follow them and have a Happy Reading time with your child!



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