The school is probably the second home of a child, but with the increase in an amount of homework, a home has turned out to be the second school for children. In an attempt to teach the best to the students, every teacher overloads them with tons of homework, without paying heed to the fact that children have another subject too. Further, to do exceptionally better than the peers, children today have to give their best, and in doing so they are missing out a lot of precious things of childhood. Edge to edge competition makes children spend more time with books than on the playground. And homework is something which eats up most of their study time. Homework demands so much from the children that they have started fearing homework like hell and the main reason behind this phobia is-

 Stress accompanied with homework—Homework can be called as the other name of grades. The child who has done better or best homework scores better. Grades are a reflection of child’s homework. This grading system tends to build stress in children who gradually fall prey to a phobia for homework.

Lack of sleep– The amount of homework given, forces the child to stay awake late in the night and complete the given work, which deprives the child of sleep. This lack of sleep further aggravates the stress.

The latest topic taught– The topic just taught needs a lot of research and time to completely understand it, but ignoring this fact teacher give homework based on recent topics. Children come under a lot of pressure; as a result, they tend to ignore some of the main points.

Lack of reinforcement– Children sometimes feel that the work given is pointless and their energy should rather be engaged in something innovative, and something of their interest.

Time bounded– Homework comes with a set deadline and these deadlines are responsible for creating havoc in the child’s mind. Completing the work within the deadline is extremely challenging and many times children succumb to these challenges.

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