Healthy Kids Today, Not Tomorrow

Do you struggle with your kids no wanting to eat healthy? Are they whining for chips and soda instead of carrots? I’ll share some tips with you that help me with my two year old most of the time!

Switch refined grains to whole grains. If your kids are used to eating white bread and white rice, try wheat bread and brown rice instead. This is usually an easy switch for kids because breads taste pretty similar.

Don’t buy soda! Soda has become a usual part of a child’s day. Cut soda out of your grocery list. It hurts your kids teeth and add extra calories to their day. Not good calories either, bad, empty calories. The best drinks for kids is milk, water, and juices. You must be careful with the juices as well. Too much can be bad for their teeth.

Keep fresh produce in the house. If your kids are wanting a snack, give them a bowl of fruit or veggies and dip. These are great snacks that kids learn to love. There’s nothing better than a bowl of fresh cold fruit on a hot summer day.

Another great snack for kids is yogurt. I buy Dannon Natural for my two year old. She loves it and its great for her.

Follow these tips and you will not only be saving your child, but yourself. As busy, working mothers, we tend to take the easy way out. The important thing to remember is simply planning ahead. Take time out over the weekend to prepare a big bowl of fruit, or cut up veggies for yourself and your kids. It’s important!

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