Give the bite of Healthy Food when your Kid is Hungry

Children are in their growing age and they need a lot of energy to study, play, and involve in extra hobbies. As we all know, this energy comes from the food they eat. One similar worry of many parents is what to give their kids to eat when they are hungry as most of the parents are looking out for healthy food options. In this respect, sometimes they are not aware of how to prepare the most healthy snack and food options for their little ones.

Healthy food choices for kids is a must
With the changes in lifestyle and more and more kids adopting the sedentary lifestyle. These days kids have also reduced the physical activity and started playing more games on video games and laptops ultimately leading to obesity. In order to allow your child to remain fit, having healthy food choices is a must. In this article, we will explain you quick and easy to prepare healthy recipes.

Let your little one munch on something Healthy
Check out some healthy recipes for your kids when they start feeling hungry. Easy to make and prepare quickly the healthy snacking option. We will be explaining you some meals and some snack options to select.

1. Corn Chat Mix
Corns are a healthy option for growing children. You can prepare corn chat for your little kids and preserve it for a day. Whenever your little one feels hungry, say during the day or evening time, the corn chat can mix can be the perfect option for them.
Type: Snack
Recipe: You can boil a bowl of corn. Cut diced onions, capsicum, and cucumber and keep aside. After the corn is boiled, add the vegetables. Next separate some pieces of pomegrenate and add them to the corns. Next add some chat masala to the mixture and shake it well in a bowl. Garnish it with sliced processed cheese.
Preferable time: Evening

2. Sprouts Chat Mix
Sprouts are considered as a rich source of protein.
Recipe: To prepare this recipe, you need green pulses. Rinse and wash them in water and keep them in a bowl of water covered with a wet cloth overnight. Next morning you will see that white coloured sprouts have grown out of the pulses. Now you can put veggies of your choice, such as onion, capsicum, paneer, etc. You can also add small pieces of fruits such as apples, pomegranate, and pear and spice it up with chat masala. Again mix it well.
Type: Snack
Preferable time: Mid morning or evening

3. Kellogg’s with milk: A great start to the morning breakfast for any kid is Kellogg’s with milk.

Recipe: Simply add three large tablespoon of Kellogg’s to a bowl of milk which will give your kid the right way to start his or her day and will give the power of milk along with the benefits of Kellogg’s. Try to select the pack of Kellogg’s which has nuts and dried fruits for extra source of vitamins.
Type: Breakfast
Preferable time: Morning

4. Oats lollipop: Another great option which will be a healthy food for your kids will be the oats lollipop.
Recipe: Melt about half cup of jaggery in oil (ghee) and keep aside. On slow flame, mix finely chopped pieces of almonds, walnuts, pistas, and sesame seeds. Let this mixture cool for about 15 minutes and then make round balls. Insert a disposable plastic stick to the balls and give it your kids. Your children will love the new lollipop snack.
Type: Snack
Preferable time: Evening snack

5. Scrambled eggs sandwich: Eggs are a great source of protein and good for growing children.
Recipe: Take two eggs and scramble them on low flame. Fry finely chopped onion, capsicum to the scrambled eggs. Next put this mixture on a slice of bread and add a layer of cheese on top. Put the other slice of bread and grill it. A great kick start to a day starts with eggs.
Type: Breakfast meal
Preferable time: Morning

6. Apple raisin baked Oatmeal: A wholesome meal preferable as the breakfast for kids.
Recipe: Take a bowl and add 3 cups oats, half cup brown sugar, 1 tablespoon cinnamon, half tablespoon salt, 2 tablespoon salt, and 1/8th tablespoon nutmeg. Mix all of them together. Next add two eggs and 2 cups of skimmed milk and whisk till smooth. Keep it aside for 5 minutes. After that, add nuts including raisins, walnuts, and apple. Transfer the entire mixture in a baking pan and let it back for around 40 minutes or until it gets lightly brown.
Meal: Breakfast
Preferable time: Morning

7. Superhealthy Pizza: Pizza is something which all kids to love to munch on. And when you make a choice of Pizza with some healthy toppings, it is just the way to go on.
Recipe: The super healthy pizza can have a base of wheat selected Tortillas. On top of that, you can spread pizza and pasta sauce. Next, you can add finely chopped onions, capsicum, mushroom, corns, and brocolli. Garnish it with some cheese. Bake it in the oven for about 10 minutes. Finally your healthy pizza is all ready to get attacked by your kids.
Meal: Lunch or Dinner
Preferable time: Afternoon or night

All these are some easy to make recipes for different meals of the day. The average cooking time for most of these meals are about 15 – 20 minutes which you can easily prepare and let your little ones enjoy healthy meals.

When it comes to selecting food for your kids, moms always prefer to give them something healthy. Mostly after meals during the evening time kids feel hungry when they want to munch on something. Instead of giving them chips, biscuits, and the like, the above mentioned healthy options are great way to keep your kids fit!

So grab the pan, and get ready to prepare some yummylicious food items.

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