With the growing tradition of nuclear families come many disadvantages related to better upbringing of children. One such thing is that children tend to stay indoors and stick to indoor games only, which not only is making them drift away from mingling-up but also makes them unfit and unhealthy. Our busy and materialistic lifestyles have made us so ignorant that we completely rely on the electronic media and other indoor games for entertainment.

The world is changing … fast and quick. When we were young, the toughest task for our parents was to stop us from playing. It is quite much the opposite today, parents like us now find it difficult to make our kids go outdoors to play.

The most disturbing fact is that some people have willingly adopted this lifestyle and they do not even try to encourage their children to play outside, to meet and interact with people.

Outdoor games are equally essential as all other things for physical growth and development of children. There are endless advantages of outdoor sports:

*It helps to reduce laziness.

*Improves social skills.

*Builds confidence.

*Helps to stay active, fit and healthy.

*Reduces stress.

*Develops team spirit.

*Prevents disorders like obesity.

However, for children who are already excellent at sports, encouraging them for sports can polish their hidden talents. Outdoor games contribute to the cognitive, social and emotional well-being of children and further improve their strength, agility, and fitness.

To encourage outdoor playing habits in your children you must take initiatives such as:

*Spend time outdoors with family

Going out with your family to a trip, organizing family gets together to an amusement park, going bicycling, running, skating, etc., with your child will help him/her develop an interest towards outdoor games. You can even organize small sports competition within your family, or neighborhood.

*Getting your child enrolled in outdoor games

Get your child enrolled in outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Badminton, Tennis classes, swimming classes, etc. Participation in such activities will not only encourage your kid for outdoor plays but also makes him/her energetic, motivated and healthy. Moreover, he/she will begin to have social interaction.

*Encourage them to join sports activities in schools

Nowadays, schools also encourage outdoor game activities. As parents, you must encourage your children to participate in school’s outdoor plays such as Cricket, Badminton, Football, Basketball, swimming etc.

It is our responsibility to encourage our children for participating in outdoor sports, as it is better for them to get dirty outside than spending time with their clean Hi-tech gadgets, that make them more vulnerable to laziness, eye problems, and unhealthy lifestyle.

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