Playground Problems in Kids

Playgrounds have a very crucial and special place in every child’s life. Playground can teach life lessons. But there are some problems that a child can face while spending his time in playground. Let’s discuss them and prevent them so that playground always remains a memory to cherish rather than a nightmare in the child’s life!

  1. Problem in handling the swings: Some kids may find it difficult to use the swings like monkey bars, slides, ladders and other swings which require coordination between different parts of the body. In such cases you can make your child practice when playground is empty or when nobody is around so that he feels less conscious. You can break the entire activity into steps so that it becomes easier for your child to learn!
  2. Bullying: Bullying is very common in playgrounds where bullies attack the most vulnerable kid. If your child often returns home upset or sad then there are chances that he is getting bullied. Bullying can affect the self confidence so it’s very important that it is not taken lightly. Parents should be approachable and proactive in such cases and should assure the child that they believe in him. In severe cases, serious actions should be taken against bully.
  3. Not following the playground rules: In playgrounds kids need to share swings and other playing equipments. But sometimes kids don’t understand this, they think the swing is theirs and nobody can it from them. At this point parents should make the child understand the importance of sharing and also the rules of taking turns!
  4. Fighting with other kids: Some kids use their bodies to communicate rather than words. They like hitting and insulting other kids. They may sometimes push or hurt them without being aware of the consequences. It is parents’ responsibility to observe such activities and make the child understand that such behavior is not acceptable.
  5. Unable to gel up with other kids: Some kids are introverts and don’t really enjoy the company of other children. There is nothing wrong in being introvert but mingling with kids of the same age group is also very important. Kids learn more from each other than from any other source!

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