Common school problems


Children spent most of their time in school. School is the second home for them, so it is very important for the parents to see that their child gets adjusted to the school environment quickly and easily. There are some which are often overlooked by the parents but are of vital importance when it comes to shaping the personality of the child. Let’s discuss them!

  • Teasing/Bullying: Does your child seem reluctant to go to school? Well he might be facing bullying at school. Teasing or bullying is one of the most common problems faced by the kids in school. This is a serious problem and should not be ignored. Teasing can affect the confidence of your child and he may find it difficult to face people. When such problem comes into the notice of the parents, they should first discuss it with their child’s teacher. They should try to boost the confidence of their child by advising him what to do and what not do in such circumstances.
  • Learning Disabilities: Children may suffer from some learning disabilities in spite of being intelligent having good communication skills. Sometimes it happen that the child is unable to recollect what happened at the school, what was taught etc. If such signs are observed your child might be suffering from one of the learning disabilities. Parents should concern the doctors and take actions immediately.
  • Introverts: Some kids are very shy and don’t gel up with other kids easily. Their participation in school activities is also very low. They have very dull and weak appearance and have trouble making friends. Parents should talk to their teachers in this regard and ask them to indulge the child in the social activities be it plays or public speaking. This will boost up the confidence in the child and he will be able to make new friends.
  • Rejection: Sometimes the child is taken out from the activities. Teachers and other class mates do not give him required attention. They are left out purposely because they performed poorly in academics. Even when the child is performing outstanding in other activities his poor result in studies can distance him from teachers and friends. In such situations teachers and parents should sit together and find solution on how to improve the grades of the child.

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