Childcare is a crucial task whether you are a single parent or a two-parent family. But, the fact that single parent’s face specific challenges in providing the right type of environment to their children, cannot be denied.

It is rightly said, ‘parenting is the toughest job ‘There are innumerable challenges that single parents face every day in raising their child. No doubt parenting is something that brings immense joy, but it also comes with a handful of challenges.

It is strangely difficult for single parents to keep a balance between work and home life, which, sometimes, keeps them from having happier and healthier families. Here are some tips to handle such problems.

* A problem shared is a problem Halved:

In the case of emergencies, like you can get a dreadful call from the institution informing about your child’s sickness or injury. For such situations, share your problem with your boss. There is practically no shame in telling your boss that your child is not well and you need the day off. *Maintaining an equilibrium between your Work life and Home life

As a single parent, the most difficult task is maintaining a balance between your Work life and Family life. But on the other hand, it is also important for you to earn. So, obtaining or acquiring a childcare facility is the best you can do. Getting a babysitter or nanny will definitely help you while you are at work, which can also save you from getting the shock of those dreadful calls.

*Finding a childcare facility.

Parents who have the support of family or friends are in a better state, but as single parents, it is difficult for you to meet the cost of obtaining childcare facilities. For this, you can look for the local daycares if any of them offer ‘scholarships’ or concessions for low-income families.

Lack of affordable and flexible childcare is a significant factor in pushing single parents into poorly paid works because they are (sometimes) unable to maintain the equilibrium between their work and home life.

* When your child grows up:

After a point of time, when your child grows up, he/she may feel envious of his/her friends with two parents at home. Your child may start to misbehave; they will feel grieved and may even become a stubborn and undisciplined child. But, as a parent, you can flush away all such problems by merely solving the problem of ‘contact issue’ between you and your child. Talking out is the best you can do.

Also, on the other hand, a child from single parent family is much loved and supported and has fewer problems than a child from a two-parent family. As single parents tend to rely on the positive problem-solving strategies than those of traditional gender-specific roles followed in a two parent family when faced with difficult behaviors of their child.

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