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“Respect is not forced, it is earned”, teaching children about respect is one of the biggest milestones in the parent’s life. Children impersonate what they experience and 90% of their time is spent with parents.

One fine day, you sit with your child and tell him ‘All about respect’, and he understands it and behaves exactly the way he should, for real. No! That doesn’t happen. It’s not that easy to encourage children to be respectful. This road has a lot of bumps, and your child may even fall a few times.

Now, the problem is, “How do you actually teach or instill in your kid that element of respect?”

Let’s see how you can make your child more respectful

Be Fair Enough!

Practice what you want your child to do, as simple as that, “if you are respectful, your child is respectful” There is practically no sidewalk to it if you want your child to limit his fast food diet; Parents should also limit their fast food diet.

In some cases, you should allow and encourage your children, to tell you if they feel that you are wrong. It is not necessary that you are wrong, but then you can always explain to your child that why you are right. Doing this won’t affect your grace even by a notch; instead, it will encourage your child to respect you even more.

Don’t be Diplomatic

There are times when you might feel that your child is really disrespectful, and doesn’t behave nicely and gracefully with elders. I’m sure every Parent will come across this at least once.

So, here’s what you should do, when your child misbehave with you, don’t shout at him “Lower your Voice”, instead very calmly say, “you should not misbehave”

Just give it a thought, isn’t it a good choice to stay calm and then correct your child.

Treating all children as Equals

If you have two or three kids, treat all of them as equals. If you scold one child on his mistakes and pamper another child even after his mistakes, this will deliver a wrong message to your children. The pampered child will become disgraceful because he will think “he can do whatever he like and behave however he wants”, and the less pampered one will be dishonorable because he will think “no matter what, he will be the Bad Boy!”

So, there’s no way you can differentiate between your children, only right and moral thing to do is to treat all your children equally.

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