I still adore pictures of Susan’s childhood, when she was just a toddler trying to gather herself to look organized in every sense and getting ready for her first day of school. Her father clicked her pictures and she was strangely happy to go to the school for the first time. That’s maybe because her father and I took care of the things which might change her perspective for school.

We worked equally hard for preparing her to go to school for the first time because we wanted her to have a strong start of life. Prior to preschool, toilet training is not the only thing a child should learn. There are several other important things which a child needs to learn before committing to preschool. And for teaching those other important things to her, I taught her how to be organized, to take care of her possessing like her bag, water bottle, her books, and stationery. Along with this, it was required to teach her Social readiness because social skills required at that time for her preschool was just the basics like sharing, participation in activities, playing along with classmates and etc. Besides all this, talking and listening is extremely valuable for being in a school.

I taught her all this through some activities like discussing with her the daily routines and casually talking with her about her interest.  I taught her about the ‘Bad Touch’ as well by telling her that it is her own body and no one else can touch her body without her permission, unless she is okay with the touch and used the ‘Swimsuit rule’ to tell her that the part which her swimsuit covers are her private part and no should see or touch it.

Next thing was to teach her the basics such as speaking her name, father’s and mother’s name, address and other such necessary details. After all, this came the day when she was ready to go to the school and I told her that it is going to be a fun day for her and she will be making new friends there. Seeing her all carefree and happy made me relieved and lessened my worries for her.

I went to school with her and met two-three of her classmates to assure her that she will be safe with them, I also met her class teacher and asked her if she can keep her favorite toy with herself while she’s in the school. I told her that I will be waiting for her just outside the school with her father just to reduce her separation anxiety and bid her a goodbye.

It was an ultimate experience for me as well as her. And, I still remember when Susan first went to school and now she is in the sixth standard, enjoying her school life happily!


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