Healthy eating habits in child

Is your child also a picky eater? If yes, then here are some tips to make your child eat healthy food and develop a healthy eating habit. So without further ado let’s get on to it!

  1. Have a routine: Kids should be given small amounts of food every 2 to 3 hours. This food should be a balance between 2 full meals, some snacks and fluids. This way it will b easier to incorporate all the necessary nutrients in the diet of the child. And also the child will be less fussy this way. Try to carry food when you go out with kids, this will avoid eating junk food.
  2. Plan your food: It is not possible to have all the nutrients that a body requires in one go. So it’s better to plan the meals of the entire day in such a way that the nutrients are divided equally in all the meals.
  3. Show them: Be a role model for your child. Your actions speak louder than your words. Research shows that children look up to their parents and try to copy almost every habit of them. Use this thing in your advantage. When they will see you reaching out for green and leafy vegetable and fruits, they will try to do the same.

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  1. Keep healthy food handy: Keep a stock of healthy foods in your home. Children will only eat what they will find in home. When they are famished and they only have the option of eating fruits, they will enjoy it too.
  2. Food Phobic: Usually children are food phobic by nature, so introduce new food items slowly. Their tastes buds are not so developed and they do not welcome new food easily. So if you want to add some new nutrients, you need to go slow.
  3. Stop placing restrictions: It’s a human tendency that we are more attracted towards those things which are denied to us. So stop putting restrictions on junk or fast food instead make your child understand the side effects of such foods.
  4. Prepare plates in kitchen: Instead of making your child serve for himself, you can prepare the plates in the kitchen. This way the child has to eat whatever is in his plate. And you can put right portion of each item in the plate.
  5. Eat Together: Make it a habit to have at least one meal of the day with your entire family. Research shows that kids who eat with their families tend to have better eating habits than the one who eats alone while watching T.V.
  6. Be Creative: Try to be more creative in your preparations. Do experiments so that the kid never gets bored and enjoy eating and always look forward to it.
  7. Consult your pediatrician: Try taking help of the pediatrician. They can guide you with the whole set of nutrients that are required in a child’s growth and how you can incorporate them in your child’s meals.

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